Spring til indhold

Den danske ambassade i Dublin er medsponsor af et videnskabeligt event og en kunstudstilling om indlandsisen på Grønland

Professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen will give a lecture at Royal Irish Academy concerning the topic: Exploring the Greenland Ice Sheet: Implications for Climate Change Past and Present.

The Greenland Ice Sheet is reacting to the recent climate change and is losing more and more mass for every year. One of our challenges in the future is to adapt to rising sea level. Looking into the past gains us knowledge on how the ice sheets react to changing climate of the past and this knowledge can be used to improver predictions of sea level rise in the future. The deep ice cores from Greenland contain information on the past climate more than 130.000 years back in time.

During her visit Dorte Dahl-Jensen will make a brief presentation of the art exhibition at the Molesworth Gallery where the Irish painter Christbal Atkins presents a body of work made by her during a residency in Upernavik, an Inuit island in the frozen wilderness of northwestern Greenland. The work documents the first glimmer of sunshine in early 2011 after a long, dark winter. Christbal Atkins lived for a month in a cabin in Upernavik, in a residency sponsored by the Arts Council of Ireland and the Upernavik Museum. The art exhibition runs from 2 pm on March 1st to 5:30 pm on March 7th, 2012.