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Brad Pitt and climate changes featured in a Danish play in Dublin

21.07.2015  13:23

COSMIC FEAR or The Day Brad Pitt Got Paranoia (Kosmisk Frygt eller den dag Brad Pitt fik Paranoia) is written by the award-winning Danish director, adaptor and playwright Christian Lollike. 


The play is an alternative manner to propagate the ongoing climate debate, as it exposes the fanatic climate enthusiasts, the cynical overconsumptioners as well as all of us who worry about the environment but make no actions on it. It therefore takes a man of Brad Pitt’s proportions to bring us out of our paranoia and inaction towards the climate.

The reading of the play was conducted by three upcoming Irish actors, and was part of the Playcation Summer Readings in Dublin. The readings allow one to explore Europe without leaving Dublin, as 6 European plays are read throughout the summer. Besides Denmark, it is possible to travel by aircouch on routes to Norway, Austria, Iceland, Germany, and Finland.

The Danish play was certainly thought-provoking and succeeded in evoking a new aspect in the climate debate for the people present on that Monday night in Dublin.

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