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Business Visa

On this page you will find information on how to apply for a business visa and what the documentation requirements are. Please be sure to read the entire section before contacting us with questions.

How to book an appointment

The Embassy guarantees a decision on visa applications in 15 days. Application for a Schengen visa for Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, and Norway must be made online through ApplyVisa. You must then submit your application and the required documentation at the Embassy.

Submission of visa applications is by appointment only. You must make an appointment for a visa application by email to

You must have made your ApplyVisa application and have paid online before requesting an appointment. Please put the ApplyVisa-application number in your email heading.

We currently have a four weeks waiting time regarding appointments. You will not be able to get an appointment sooner unless there are unforeseen and serious circumstances.

Documentation requirements and checklist

Print the checklist for business visa here.

When applying for a business visa, you must submit all of the following documents:

  • The printed and signed ApplyVisa cover letter, you print when you complete your visa-application online, and the completed checklist.    
  • Passport/travel document, which must exceed your stay in the Schengen-area by at least 3 months. Passport/travel document must be issued within the last 10 years and must have at least two blank pages.
  • Irish multi-entry visa and GNIB/IRP card, which must exceed your stay in the Schengen area by at least 3 months. No exceptions will be made. From May 13th and onwards, adults will no longer require an Irish multi-entry visa, it will be enough with a residence stamp in your passport and IRP card.
  • Two accurate passport photos of the applicant.
  • An original invitation form (VU1) completed and signed by your business contact/seminar/workshop in the country you are visiting indicating purpose and duration of visit (Please use the VU1 invitation form for Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden)   
  • Letter from your employer in Ireland confirming your employment status with your requirement for business travel and your valid work permit/hosting agreement, if applicable. If you are a postgraduate student you must bring letter from your university confirming your status.
  • Original bank statements with name and address for the last three months up to the date of the appointment (in your own name).
  • Booking of accommodation.
  • An airline booking/travel itinerary. Return ticket must be shown only when visa has been approved.
  • A valid, personal travel medical-insurance which covers costs for:

i) emergency medical treatment up to €30.000
ii) transportation back to applicant's home country if required for medical reasons.
iii) The insurance must be valid in all Schengen states and cover the total length of stay.

Please note that all documents are required at the time of appointment to avoid delays.

You must make your online application on ApplyVisa.


Visa Department opening hours: 

Monday to Friday: 9.30 - 12.30