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Birth Registration

Danish parents living in Ireland can chose, but are not required, to register the birth of their newborn child with the Danish authorities.

The child will not acquire a Danish civil registry number (CPR-nummer) when registered. However, the child will be given a civil registry number in the event of relocating to Denmark.

Your child is a Danish national by birth if:

1. The mother is Danish and the child was born on or after 1 January 1979


2. The father is Danish and married to the mother of the child or the child was born in Denmark after 1 February 1999. Your child will also become a Danish national, if the Danish father subsequently marries the child's foreign mother, before the child is 18 years old (and the child is unmarried). In the above-mentioned cases, Danish citizenship can be officially confirmed through submission of this form.

A Danish father, whose child does not qualify as a Danish national according to the above-mentioned, may apply for his child to be naturalised as a Danish national, if the father shares the parental responsibility.

In this case, you will need:

  • a valid birth certificate
  • valid documentation that you share the parental responsibility

The application form (in Danish) can be downloaded here.

The form is not customized to all cases, meaning that not all fields may be relevant. It should however be filled out in the best way possible, specifically making sure that both the mother and the father have signed it all the correct places.

For more information please contact the Embassy.

As a general rule, Danish nationals born abroad will have to apply for retention of Danish Nationality before the age of 22.

If you chose to register your child with the Danish authorities please contact the Embassy.