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Greetings from the Ambassador

A warm welcome to the official website of the Embassy of Denmark in Dublin.


The Irish President Michael D. Higgins welcoming the Danish Ambassador Uffe Balslev 

The Irish and the Danes are close and like-minded nations on most matters. We both thrive on our strong democratic political systems and prosper from rich and innovative economies. We share membership of the European Union since 1973 and a history of active support for the United Nations and international human rights. Both countries strive to develop our welfare states, free trade and the EU Single Market, digitalisation, responsible climate action, international rule of law, global solidarity and the sustainable development goals.

The bond between Denmark and Ireland stretches back to the age of the Vikings, where the Danes and our other Scandinavian neighbours were not always the most peaceful visitors. But time heals all wounds, and I am pleased to see how the lasting Viking influence in Irish culture is cherished today. The relationship between Denmark and Ireland has grown into a strong and rewarding one, both politically and economically. Our comparable sizes, shared interests, and historic links make for a solid foundation on which cooperation between our two countries can take place.

Ireland and Denmark share many thoughts and views on issues and opportunities stemming from the globalised world. The main goal of our Embassy is to represent Denmark and promote Danish interests and views in Ireland, including furthering Danish business interests and commercial cooperation. We strengthen this cooperation by engaging with all parts of Irish society, to the mutual benefit of both the Danish and the Irish peoples.

Uffe Balslev