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Danish Nationals Born Abroad (The 22-year rule)

Danish nationals born abroad may lose their Danish nationality on attaining the age of 22, unless they apply between the age of 21 and 22 to retain it.

Retention of Danish nationality may be granted in the following cases:

1. If you are RESIDENT in Denmark immediately before the age of 22 and apply in Denmark.

The Danish authorities generally consider a continuous stay - where you have registered with the authorities in Denmark (Folkeregistret) - of a minimum of 3 months as being sufficient to meet this requirement. Residence in Finland, Iceland, Norway or Sweden for an aggregate period of not less than 7 years is equated with residency in Denmark.

2. If you have spent time in Denmark before the age of 22 under circumstances indicating some association with the country.

  • The total of all stays (holidays and other longer stays) should add up to approx. 1 year, and you should have a working knowledge of the Danish language.
  • All applications are assessed invidividually and it is advisable to apply, even if you are in doubt whether you qualify.
  • If you are already over 22 years old you may still apply, but your total stays in Denmark must add up to at least 1 year.

3. If loss of Danish nationality will make you stateless.

For further information please contact the Danish Ministry for Refugees, Immigration and Integration directly:

The Danish Ministry of Justice
The Nationality Division
Slotsholmsgade 10
1216 København K

Tel. +45 72 26 87 00
E-mail: [email protected]

It is advisable to ask the Ministry to confirm the above information, which can change without the Embassy being notified.

Application Procedure

An application for retention of Danish nationality should not be submitted until you are 21 years . However, it must be made before your 22nd birthday.

Your application should now be sent direct to the Danish Ministry of Refugee, Immigration and Integration Affairs at the above address. The application is free of charge.

The application form can be downloaded here (in Danish).