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The Royal Danish Embassy in Ireland can help you to get a new passport issued. Please note that applications must be submitted in person, regardless of age.

New Passport Rules

As of 26.06.2012 it is no longer possible for a child to travel on parents´ passport.

Since January 1st 2012 new rules have applied regarding the issuing of passports.

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The passport service

Passport service by prior appointment only. Please contact the Embassy to book an appointment. The Embassy is closed on Irish holidays.

On the 1st of January 2012 Denmark introduced biometric passports. From that date, only the Embassy will be able to issue new passports. However, the Danish Consulates in Ireland will be able to help with emergency passports and extension of passports AND from 15 June 2012 children younger than 12 years of age can apply for a passport at Danish Consulates in Ireland.  

Please be aware that the Danish Consulates will have different opening hours than the Embassy.

As an ADULT please bring along the following documents, when you apply for a new passport

  1. Your current passport - the Embassy does not need to keep your passport while your application is being processed and you may use it for travel until your new passport arrives.
  2. If you have changed your name after your current passport was issued, you must produce the original documentation.
  3. Original birth certificate (only if you are a first-time-applicant).
  4. Original certificate of Danish nationality, if you have obtained Danish nationality after you were born. Or if you were born outside of Denmark and have retained your Danish nationality after you turned 22 years of age.
  5. Marriage certificate/change of name document, if you have not lived in Denmark after your marriage or if you have otherwise changed your name, so that your new passport will be produced in the correct name. 
  6. If you have lost your passport, you must bring a police report to the embassy and photo ID, when you are apply for new passport.
  7. Completed and signed passport application form. Available for download here.  

Passports for under 18's

As of 26.06.2012 it is no longer possible for a child to travel on parents´passport.

Every child regardless of age must have his/her own passport.

However, children under 15, who are already endorsed in a parent’s passport, may still be able to travel with that parent to some countries. It is your responsibility to contact the embassy of the country, you are visiting, before travelling.

A child under 18 years of age must apply in person with both parents. In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, you must bring:

  1. The child's original birth certificate (both parents' names must appear on the
  2. Both parents must fill in and sign the consent section of the application form. If one parent has sole custody of the child, documentation to that effect  must be produced, such as separation/divorce papers or a court order. 
  3. Both parents' passports for verification of signatures and ID.
  4. Parents’ original marriage certificate (if the father is the only Danish national).

The fee for a new passport is €134. Cash only.

Processing time

Passports take approximately 3 weeks to process and may take longer during peak times.