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Invest in Denmark

Denmark is the world's best country for business according to Forbes Magazine - and the easiest country in Europe to do business in according to the World Bank.
As Denmark's official investment promotion agency within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Invest in Denmark has access to the key decision makers through offices across the country and around the globe. So if your company is considering locating in Denmark and accessing one of Europe's most skilled and competitive talent pools, then Invest in Denmark should be your first stop.
Our specialized staff across the globe has the corporate background, industry insight and well-connected networks to advise you on every aspect of locating in Denmark. Not just when you set up, but also as your business grows.

Our tailor-made solutions include connecting your company with key local contacts, arranging fact-finding tours and providing comprehensive benchmark analyses. We make sense of local legislation and advantages of locating in Denmark – all free of charge and in full confidentiality. Read more about our services.

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Explore Danish key competencies and business opportunities at the official Invest in Denmark website.


Denmark is one of the world's indisputable cleantech centres, and aims to be the world's first fossil fuel free society by 2050. Through focused government policies, a nationwide state-of-the-art smart grid energy system, an excellent research cluster and a world leading position within wind utilization, Denmark has gone from being 99 % dependent on foreign fossil fuel to being a net exporter of energy. Among the key competencies are energy storage and electric vehicles and with 80 % of all offshore turbines being Danish – wind power.

Life Sciences

The Danish life science industry is an international example of how to successfully turn academic knowledge into commercial success. Denmark has the largest commercial drug-development pipeline in Europe and a leading position within research & development. Besides biotech, Denmark is also a frontrunner in medtech and digital health.

ICT & Tech

Denmark has world-class research and development facilities, an internationally competitive ICT cluster, and access to one of the most innovative talent pools. Moreover, Denmark is praised as the world's best test market for ICT and as the perfect test lab for Smart City solutions. With the most digitized public sector and an ambitious national strategy on open data, Big DataSound and Robotics are just some of Denmark’s many ICT strongholds. 

Maritime Industry

Denmark has one of the world's biggest shipping industries despite the country's small size and the Danish offshore industry within wind power and wave energy is at the forefront of technological development. Moreover, Danish companies are at the forefront of advanced maritime technology.

Food Technology & Food Production

The Danish Food sector is a centuries-old success story about getting the best out of the resources provided by nature – and by science. The Danish food manufacturing businesses operate some of the world's most advanced processing plants and the research and innovation capabilities are internationally renowned and internationally competitive. Danish-based producers of process equipment and ingredients export respectively 80% and 95% of their goods.

Danish Design

Denmark is a design society with design penetrating most spheres of life, from world-class uniquely designed products and buildings, over sustainable city planning to integrated innovative clusters. This makes Denmark the perfect hub for companies seeking to add value to their products or services by tapping into a world class talent pool of designers, both within user-centered design and innovation and testing.

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