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Ireland as a market

The Irish economy is in recovery, consumer confidence is improving and private consuming plays an increasing role in the growth of the economy. Therefore, there are good opportunities for Danish exports to Ireland which was Denmark's 25th largest export market in 2018, importing for 4,8 bn Danish Kroner (0.65 bn euro).

There are good commercial relations between Ireland and Denmark. Ireland was Denmark’s 25th largest export market in 2018. The export was at its highest in 2007, where Ireland imported Danish goods for 8.5 bn. Danish Kroner (1.12 bn euro), but the number has since decreased as a result of the Irish economy. In 2018 Denmark exported goods and services to Ireland for 4,8 bn Danish Kroner (0.65 bn euro), whereas the Danish import from Ireland in 2018 was 6.1 bn Danish kroner (0.81 bn euro). Denmark primarily imports medical and pharmaceutical products and services from Ireland.

The economic growth and increased consumer optimism create new export opportunities in Ireland – also for Danish companies. Especially within the energy and environment sector, Ireland shows interest for Denmark and Danish solutions. Danish design and food are also popular, and there are further good possibilities within the ICT-, pharmaceutical-, and construction industries. With an increasing demand and larger economic latitude among consumers, Ireland is again a market with plenty of potential for Danish companies.

For more information about export to Ireland visit the Embassy's Danish website.


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