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Where to hand in your visa application

Please note your visa application will be processed from the visa department at the Danish Embassy in London. For inquiries regarding appointments and updates on your visa application, please contact VFS Dublin. See this page for more information about visa's.

VFS Global

700 South Circular Road, Dublin 8 (Vistatec House).
+353 1 571 2506 

[email protected]

Booking an appointment at VFS:

Please go here to book an appointment at the VAC. 
1. Go to the linked website
2. Log in with your credentials (or register as a new user)
3. Complete the appointment booking process 
4. You will receive an appointment confirmation e-mail with your Appointment Letter attached as a PDF. 

NB: You will not be able to get an appointment sooner than the next time available unless there are unforeseen and serious circumstances. If it is an emergency, please contact the Embassy directly